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    Analag-Clock 2.01: choice of 3 designs, easy configuration

    This is the revised version of our popular analog clock! Now there is a choice of 3 different designs. Installation and configuration have been improved and simplified. Positioning and selection of the clock are very easy now. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    clockdesign 1, clockdesign 2, clockdesign 3


    Step 1: download all elements as ZIP-file, extract the elements (6 images, 1 js-file, 3 HTML-testfiles) and put them into the same folder as your webpage.

    Step 2: open your webpage and change your <body> tag like this:

    Step 3: open your webpage and insert the below script-code just above </BODY> (at the end of your webpage). IMPORTANT: Do not insert the script-code below inside tables or <DIV> or <SPAN> or similar containers!

    Step 4: go the script-code at the end of your webpage, selecet a design and set the position of your analog clock.

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