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Krumau, 1562-1568)South Maeren

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Neuhaus, South Maeren

Orlik, South Maeren

Eisgrub, 1887-1894)(View from the front) South Maeren

Eisgrub, 1887-1894)(View from the Garden) South Maeren

Pernstein 1350, South Maeren


This hunting castle belonged to Archduke Franz Ferdinand von Hohenberg, whose uncle was Franz Josef the Emperor of Austria.  

His marriage to Countess Sophia von Chotkowa und Wogni, in 1900 was called one of the world's great love affairs. Unfortunately the Emperor considered the Duchess a commoner and tried to convince Franz Ferdinand he was marrying beneath his station. They went through with the marriage against the Emperor's wishes but had to renounce rights of rank and succession for their children. In the years to come, Sophie would not be allowed to ride in the same car with her husband during affairs of state. Ferdinand, and his wife  was assassinated in 1914 in Sarajevo  on the 28 of June 1914 . (their fourteenth wedding anniversary) by a Serbian nationalist

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