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Ambois, Loir Valley

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Chateau Anay-Le-Viel

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Anay-Le-Viele Livng Room


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Chateau Usse

Chateau Usse, , one of the many glamorous castles strung along both banks of the famous Loire River in north-central France.  

Reconstruction near the close of the 15th century gave the castle its basic current appearance. Usse has it all: built in white stone, each of its wings bristle with turreted towers, capping crenellated and machicolated battlements, and even though some features, such as the dormer windows and tower chimneys are later embellishments, its overall aspect is dramatic and pleasing to behold.

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Chateau Usse from the air

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Chateau Usse front view

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Saumer from the air

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Chateau Valencay

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Vanlencay Interior 

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