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This 4 lb pink salmon was caught with a light  trout tackle and rod .

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Wadham's  Resort, Rivers Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

Wadhams Beach2.jpg (23065 bytes)

This is the view from  the deck of the house.  The house can be seen behind me in the picture above. 

Please, click on the small version for an enlarged picture.

My Window To The World

Hungarian_Country_Side.jpg (201224 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail please and see a 360 degree view of a castle photographed  by myself  in  the Hungarian country side about 120 miles from Budapest.  

It was built in 685 and destroyed sometimes around 1600 AD with the rest of the castles in Hungary.   "The Hungarian defeat (1526) at  Mohacs  prepared the way for the capture (1541) of Buda and the absorption of the major part of  Hungary by the Ottoman Empire for over 150 years."

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